Exercise 1: Short Answer “ Comprehension and Evaluation exercise

About this exercise: The aim of this exercise is to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of the articles you have read for this lecture. You are also asked to think critically about the quality and organization of the scholar s arguments in whichever article you choose. As part of this process, be willing to discuss weaknesses or flaws in the ideas and their presentation, to suggest possible counter-arguments or potential improvements.
Step 1:
Read the article by Kalra and Hutnyk.

Step 2:
Describe the key ideas of the article. At the same time, evaluate the presentation of the article s central thesis and its mode of argumentation. Pay particular attention to the type of evidence adduced in support of key claims or assertions. Finally, do you agree or disagree with the author s (or authors ) conclusions? If so, why? If not, why not?

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