Responses to selected tutorial questions

Question 1:
Research shows that approximately 50% of all small businesses in Australia are sole traders, with companies 33%, partnerships 16% and other structures less than 2%.

Analyse the reasons why this distribution of ownership structures occurs.
Question 2:
Which approach would you adopt if you were given the task of computerisation of an SME, including involvement in e-commerce. What are the most important aspects to consider?
Your response to each question should take the form of a brief, but precise, response consisting of a maximum 750 words (1,500 words for the entire assignment) and covering the details/facts/issues etc raised or implied in the question. You should show evidence of investigating these matters implicit in the question (that is, review the findings of researchers within the area under investigation) and show in your response your understanding of them. Provide a detailed reference list showing your sources of information.

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