Response Paper-Cultural Pluralism – Ethnic and Global Societies

Critically summarize and evaluate arguments presented in materials for the week. Students will be required to distill the central claims of the materials (readings, films, etc.) into a succinct thesis statement. Present the authors major arguments supporting the thesis. Subsequent paragraphs should further explain key arguments and concepts of the work, covering all of the important (and central) arguments and concepts. I want you to think about and explain: The main purpose of the article; Detail key ideas, questions and concepts the author(s) addresses. o Identify authors main point(s) of view. How is their position supported Examine inferences/assumptions made by author; are assumptions believable (or not) How the author present topic in a convincing or possibly unconvincing way Offer at most, one paragraph briefly outlining your criticisms: what you agreed or disagreed with and why must provide support.

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