Resource design

The Assignment question:

Chose a learning topic and a theoretical perspective to design a learning unit for use in
school, the university or in professional development. Integrate an educational technology that supports your aims and expected learning outcomes. You unit should include:

* Aims and learning outcomes
* Outline of a challenging activity for learners
* Outline of assessment or reflection
* Rationale for using information and communication technologies
* Guidelines for delivery of the unit *Additional resources needed for delivery
Detailed description:
The topic: a unit on summary writing skills in EFL English course.
Learning outcomes: main outcome: Write a summary
Specific outcomes: *Structure text with appropriate beginning, middle and end
*Write coherent paragraphs containing factual, clearly organized information.
*Link ideas cohesively using lexical cohesion and linking words
*Use grammatical structures appropriately e g past tenses, defining relative clauses, language of contrast and comparison.
*Use appropriate vocabulary.
Objectives of the unit: *practise using reporting verbs in complex sentences.
*learn strategies for effective summarising.
* learn strategies for effective paraphrasing.
* practise taking notes from reading and listening texts.
* practise expanding notes into summary.

Assessment: a written summary of a short article
The question is: Write a summary of the text “ Children and Access to Computers” by R J Lewis 2001.
1- The summary must include all the main points from the section.
2- The sentences in the summary must be paraphrased, not copied exactly from the text.
3- The summary should be approximately 150-180 words.

Theoretical perspective:
1- Andragogy ( problem solving based- adult learners).
2- Constructivist learning theory.
Instructional model:
1- Merriënboer the 4C/ID-model
2- Merril’s First principles of instruction

Digital technology used:
1- Blogs (students post daily activities” eg paraphrasing, reporting verbs and short summaries activities” on their blogs and get feedback from the teacher and peer review from the students)
2- Google docs (students share their final assessment “summary writing” on google docs and get feedback from the teacher)

Delivery of the unit: the unit is delivered on a period of two weeks and then the assessment is conducted on the third week:
1- Lesson one is introduction to summary and discussion.
2- Lesson two is Analysis of two samples of summary
3- Lesson three is academic writing skills ( in-text reference & reporting verbs).
4- Lesson four is introduction to paraphrasing and note-taking skills.
5- Lesson five is listening to spoken lectures and taking notes.
6- Lesson six is using notes to practise writing short summaries.
7- Lesson seven is writing a summary of a given text.

Additional resources for delivery:
1- Students’ work books
2- Written handouts.
3- White board
4- Audio and visual presentations
5- Blogs and google docs

Please follow my plan precisely. I have provided all the references for this essay. Also, I provided two samples of this essay from previous years, you can have a look at these samples you can follow the same organization of the samples but please do not copy. If you have any questions please contact me and reply to my messages. The following are references to be used in the essay and the rest of the references are uploaded as files:

the order description is also provided on a file i will upload


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