Researching Sport (19-7M14-00S-A)

MSc Sport Business ManagementThe assessment for this module is comprised of two tasks.TASK 2: (75% of module mark)Select an article published 2009-2013, from one of the following journals:? European Journal of Sport Management;? European Sport Management Quarterly;? Journal of Sport and Tourism;? Journal of Sport Management;? Leisure Studies;? Managing Leisure;? Sport in Society.Critically review your chosen article and analyse its contribution to knowledge and understanding in Sport Business Management>>>>NOTES:1. The word limit is 2500 words.2. You must select a different article to Task 13. Work that is more than 10% over this word count will be penalised by 10% of the available marks, i.e. you would lose 10 marks on this assessment task.4. The list of references at the end of the essay is excluded from the word count.5. This assignment should be completed in standard essay format.6. Please note the University regulations on plagiarism available on SHUspace.Submission date: 11th December 2013The assessment criteria are outlined below:Researching Sport (19-7M14-00S-A)Criteria for Assessment: Task 2WeightingMark awarded1.Critical analysis of key arguments, methodological approach, findings and conclusions of selected journal article2. Demonstrable knowledge and critical use of the wider relevant literature to support analysis of chosen journal article3. Evaluation of contribution to knowledge and practice in Sport Business Management3. Presentation of essay, including structure and use of language in an appropriate academic style4. Accurate use of the Harvard system for referencing30%20%30%10%10%Total 100%Comments:>>>>

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