Research Paper of Television Sound Design

~~~~Number of refernences is up to you but no less then 5.~~~~
~~~~A research paper about TELEVISION SOUND DESIGN(such as history, development, theory, definition, technology, design,ect. ). The requirment and structure post below.~~~~
The Structure of Paper
I. Introduction
A. Introduce
the critical proposition or question
B. Justify the writing and reading of this critical
essay on this topic by explaining, for example,
1. the significance of the object of critical analysis
2. the significance of the critical and theoretical
insights produced by this analysis
3. the usefulness for future criticism and theory
of using this particular method or critical
construct to examine (ex. television sound design)
C. Mention the critical method or construct to be used
to analyze the television program (s), series, etc.
D. Review previous critical and other relevant studies
on the topic (explain why this critical essay is
E. Briefly state the major arguments of the analysis
in the order in which they will be presented in the
body of essay
II. The Body of the Essay
A. Explain the critical method or theoretical
constructs used to analyze the (television text
B. Develop the ideas (arguments) implied in the
critical proposition or question
1. By stating and explaining them
2. By providing appropriate material, such as
a. specific examples from the program (s)
b. descriptive details from program (s)
c. quotations from relevant authoritative sources
d. attributed facts
e. reference to critical or theoretical
III. The Conclusion
A. Reiterate the initial critical proposition or
B. Summarize the conclusions that follow from the
ideas, arguments, and evidence presented
C. Briefly mention the implications of the interpretive
conclusions for one or more of the following:
1. understanding and study of this program or
2. future critical analysis using this method or set
of constructs
3. the television viewing of the public, the
television industry, and society
4. the advancement of critical- or television –
studies theories
Note: Not every criticism article will follow this form exactly. It is, however, a useful
general guide to identify the organization of academic criticism articles and useful for
structuring critical analyses.

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