Research Paper of New Trends Impacting Global Business

Our focus in this subject has been on new trends impacting global business.

For instance:

a. Did the recessionary trend that hit the US economy in 2008 flow through to a recession in Asia and Australia?

b. Research the list of major US companies that suffered during the financial melt-down and what have been their various solutions e.g. AIG, Citibank etc

c. What are recent and emerging global trends in transportation?

d. What are the impacts of national and corporate culture on globalisation of business?

e. Has globalisation of business had influence on the type of leadership now required in a global business environment?

f. Has the globalisation of business influenced the need for quality management?

g. How do innovation and entrepreneurship relate to globalisation of business and what are the trends?


1. Choose ONE of the questions (a to g above).

2. You will research the question you have chosen (using Proquest) e.g Journal Articles. Collecting learned opinion on that question. This is a research assignment;

we are NOT interested in your opinion, we want you to research scholarly articles and find learned opinion on the question you have selected.

Do not be surprised if learned opinions differ amongst themselves. Your job is to collect a range of learned opinion on the question you have chosen.

3. You have to prepare a written research paper outlining the various learned opinions (and their sources) that you have discovered. It is essential that all your sources are from scholarly academic publications.

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