Research Paper; aspect of theatre has developed over time and how social, political, or cultural events have influenced its development

Approaching the Assignment: “Multimodal” The110 Final Project
Your final project in this class will be the creation of a multimodal text that examines how a single aspect of theatre has developed over time and how social, political, or cultural events have influenced its development. To clarify: A multimodal text is a text that uses multiple modes to communicate (i.e. not JUST written text). You encounter multimodal text in your everyday life. Facebook is a great example, but even a magazine ad is, in essence, a multimodal text. You will use some text in your project, but please use images and/or links and/or audio wherever they feel appropriate. There is no word count or page length requirement: your finished product will be graded based on how comprehensively you examine your chosen theatrical aspect and how well you integrate two or more modes.

Your multimodal text will:

A) Center around one of the following aspects of theatre:
dramatic text
theatre space
history of costumes
concepts of set design
acting techniques

B) Examine how this aspect of theatre developed over time

C) Explain how the dramatic texts we have studied illustrate these developments

Whatever your project ultimately looks like (more image, less text; more text, less image, audio included/not included, etc), follow the guidelines below to create it.


1) Please identify major developments. You can limit yourself to three. Make sure it is clear to readers why the developments you identify are significant.
2) Construct a timeline that visually illustrates these developments chronologically.
3) Explore the broader context. Describe (or represent visually) any social, cultural, or political events that may be significant to understanding these developments.
4) Give examples of some plays from our course text and explain how they Illustrate the development of the aspect of theatre you are studying
5) Finally, please compile a short glossary of terms that would be useful given your project.

Submission: When you are done, Be sure that your project’s title or subtitle clearly specifies the aspect of theatre you have chosen to examine.

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