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For this assignment, you are required to identify and discuss a research proposal/design that would be used to study an international relations topic selected in consultaion with the instructor. Please note that you are not asked to conduct a research project to its completion. Rather, you are to discuss how you would research this topic. Also, this is not a traditional research paper but includes the following components:
– Discuss of your research topic
– Brief review of literature
– The type of technique employed: Qualitative or Quantitative techniques
– Measurement issues
– Sampling issues
– Ethical issues if applicable
– Data gathering issues
– Statistical analysis issues if applicable

Please note that the topic must be an international relations issue. It cannot be a U.S. domestic issue.

Three things required for this assigment are:

– Due on 31MAR12: Paper topic and Summary Statement ( A Paper Topic, this is your tentative topic and A topic Summary Paragraph, this paragraph summarizes the policy or project you are planning to research).

– Due on 27APR12: Working Bibliography

– 11MAY12: Final Paper Draft

Paper Structure: The Final draft of the paper MUST include the following sections:

– Title page
– Table of Contents
– Introductory Section (Discuss the research proposal you are suggesting. You should discuss why this proposal is important and the main focus of the proposal).
– Content Section (this section should include (1) a sample literature review and (2) the methodological model you are proposing. In the methodology section, you MUST provide a detailed discussion of each item listed below when applicable to the research design.
Methodological Section: 1)Qualitative or Quantitative techniques
2)Measurement issues
3)Sampling issues
4)Ethical issues if applicable
5)Data gathering issues
6)Statistical analysis issues if applicable)

– Conclusion Paragraph (summarize the research proposal you have designed and what you have learned from the exercise.
– Bibliography

Paper Formatting Requirements:

– Title Page
– Double spacing
– Font (Arial 12 or Times New Roman 12 point.)
– Table of Contents (list by page numbers the introduction, subject heading, conclusion, and bibliography.)
– Subject heading (Use subject heading for different parts of the paper. For example, Introduction, Measurement issues, Data Gathering, Sampling issues, Conclusion, etc.)
– One inch Margins
– Page Numbering (number pages at the bottom center beginning with the introductory page through the bibliography.)
– Proper Source Citations (You are to use APSA Style)
– Appendix (If you incorporate tables or charts into the paper, these materials are to be placed in an appendix at the end of the paper. The appendix is not part of the 13 page minimum.)
– A Bibliography (list alphabetically all sources used in conjuction with the paper.
– Minimum Sources (The paper must have a minimum of 15 academic sources.)

*Keep in mind that I’m in US ARMY currently deployed in Afghanistan when deciding on the Paper Topic.

Please do not forget of the first suspense date to submit the Paper topic and summary Statement on 31MAR12.

Here are some topics to consider: Arms Control Issues, Arms Trade Issues, Biodiversity Issues, Climate Change and Global Warming Issues, Fair trade Issues, Food Dumping Issues, Free Trade Issues, Humans Rights Issues, Overpopulation Issues, International Criminal Court, Natural Disaster, Nuclear Proliferation, Third World Debt, Sustainable Development, World Hunger, World Poverty, and Development of Afghanistan for a stable Euroasia.

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