research design paper

Title: The effects of technology in early education.

One paragraph on the study to be developed: There are a lot of arguments with using technology in early education. Someone say that it is good to use technology as late as possible. However, someone say that use the technology as much as possible would improve children’s brain growth. I have some friends who have children have different ideas for education. I know for sure we cannot avoid the technology because the technology is everywhere. There are a lot of researches about this argument. I would like to review those papers and analyze it.

Questions: How the technologies affect psychology in early education? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the examples of using technologies in early education? What are the results of using the technology in classrooms? What are the differences using technologies in home and school? What are the other influences such as parent’s education levels or education districts, etc.?

Method to be developed: This study would be contained quantitative and qualitative methods.

One thing you may want to think about is you have a great deal of questions that you want answered. You may want to narrow your search down a little and focus on two or three and not all of them.

I attach direction and examples.

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