Assignments Assignment 1: Seek, Find & Describe

Due date: Week 5, Sunday 2359 (Darwin time)
Length: 2000 words.
Value: 50%

The task:

You are required to select ONE topic from the following:
Organ transplantation
Experiences of surviving cancer
Clinical preceptorship in nursing

Once you have selected a topic, you will need to search the literature to find THREE scholarly articles
You MUST document your SEARCH STRATEGY within your assignment
For each article you should provide an OVERVIEW, and describe elements of the article including:
Conclusions offered

You MUST define research terminology throughout your assignment

Some guidance:
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to search for and select scholarly literature. Your ability to describe elements of a research article must also be demonstrated according to the assessment task;
Use your set text to get started “ see for example Chapter 3, which is particularly helpful; Richardson-Tench, M, Taylor, B, Kermode, S & Roberts, K 2011, Research in nursing: evidence for best practice, 4th edn, CENGAGE Learning, South Melbourne
Make good use of Health Online
Be selective “ not all articles you locate and read will be helpful or fit the definition of scholarly .

Assessment Criteria:
1. Evidence of appropriate interpretation of the assignment task, i.e. demonstration of ability to locate and select appropriate material;
2. Demonstration of engagement with the literature, reading and unit resources;

3. Attention to referencing and acknowledgement of other sources – others ideas paraphrased and interpreted rather than directly quoted, correct academic referencing and in-text citation, using CDU Harvard style;

4. Written expression: Clear, succinct written expression, using correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax (sentence structure)
(See Learnline Assignment Information for marking rubric

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