Report on the strategy of an assigned company

Assessment Details:
This assignment requires you to write a report on the strategy of an assigned company.
The following ASX listed company is assigned to you : DATASQUIRT LTD

The following instructions are to help you put together information on the company:
With your chosen company, go to the company website and work your way through it. Note in particular the
annual reports which you will probably find under a section for investors. Use Google or a similar search
engine and see if there are any news items about the company. News items might also mention major
Describe the business(es) of the company. Examine company documents and determine whether the company
has stated its vision and has an effective mission statement.
Describe the strategy. Where does the company sit in the value chain “ is it a raw materials producer, a
manufacturer/producer, a service provider for consumers or for other producers, a wholesaler, a retailer, etc?
Describe its strategy in recent years and any challenges that the management has indicated that the company is
facing. What product or services do they offer? Who to? What needs are they trying to fill? Where are they
operating? How have they been growing? Have they indicated changes to their strategy?
Are there stated objectives available? Has the company been achieving its objectives? Is the
company successful? (Make sure you justify your answer).
Who are the important stakeholders of the company at this time? Who do you think the management is
responding to in their decision-making? Justify your answer.
Define the industry or industries in which the company operates and analyse the external environment.
Prepare a STEP analysis, five-forces analysis, life-cycle analysis, competitor analysis as appropriate to give
insight into the external environment. To learn how to find information on companies and industries, refer to
the library LibGuide on Finding Company and Industry Information. Note: Factiva database is an
excellent source of information from Australian newspapers and magazines but can be a little difficult to use.
Ask the librarians for help if you have difficult in searching this database.
Analyse the internal environment if possible. What assets are identified on their balance sheet? What
competencies does the company appear to have in order to run this business? Do they appear to have any
resources or competencies that set them apart from other businesses in their industry and perhaps gives them a
competitive advantage.
Are there any challenges that the company has identified or that you can see coming that will required
adjustments to their strategy? For example, how well do you think the company will manage through the
current volatile economic conditions? Do you think the current strategy of the company will have to be changed
to cope with these conditions? Will the carbon tax have a significant effect?
Prepare a business report which incorporates the information above. Do not simply answer each of the
questions “ prepare a report which analyses the situation, considers the possible changes that could be made,
and argues for a particular direction/strategy for the company. By the time you write the recommendations at
the end, there should be no surprises “ the report should lead logically to your recommendations. If you have
very detailed information, consider putting it in appendices and then write about the major important issues in
the report itself. For example, you might put a detailed five-forces analysis of the environment in an appendix,
and write about the important forces and their implications in the main body of the report. Or you could put the
details of your financial analysis in an appendix and simply state your conclusions about the financial health of
the company and the reasons for them in the body of the report.

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