Report/Lesson Plan: Speaking and Listening activity

Purpose of this assessment:
To create and analyse an oral language learning experience with a child or small group of children

For the purpose of this assessment task you will need to work with a child primary school age about 5 years.

The learning experience will be reading a story to the child/children and then conducting an oral language activity. The story to use is ‘Who sank the boat’ by Pamela Allen

Your report needs to include a concise introduction and conclusion and clear headings for each section.


Outline the focus of your report; give the reader a preview of what your report will be about. Include a concise thesis statement.100 words

Selecting a Text:

Year level choosen is Kindergarten and book is ‘Who Sank the Boat’ by Pamela Allen
State the First Steps Speaking and Listening Phase for which this text would be appropriate and briefly say why.
Briefly justify your choice of text, including references to the readings. 300 words

Reading aloud to children:

Prepare for the reading by practising reading aloud beforehand, using relevant facial and vocal expressions and an appropriate reading pace. Prepare a list of questions related to the text that you might ask the children. These may be related to the cover of the text, a prediction about the story, or questions you might ask during (careful not to interrupt the flow of the story too much) or at end of the story.
Read the book to a small group of children. Record your reading to listen to it later.
Provide a personal reflection on reading aloud activity. 300 words (First person)

Write a Lesson Plan and implement the activity:

Consider the text you have selected and how an activity could be used to develop oral language using the story as a starting point.
Select a First Steps activity from this list:
o Oral retell
o What comes next?
o Barrier Game
o Mystery bag
Using the supplied lesson plan attached, create a 30 minute lesson plan to include a re-reading of the story to the children and the learning activity.
Record the activity so that you can refer back to it when analysing (visual or audio) Lesson plan (no more than two pages) using the plan provided


Select a short section of the transcript from the activity (no longer than 10 turns (total) from student and teacher.
Transcribe this using the format provided (an example of this transcript is included) Transcription “ using the format provided

Analysing the activity:

From the transcription:
Analyse the interaction for the following features:
o Planned and unplanned speech
o Functions or Language used
o Field, Tenor and Mode
Reflect on the teaching considerations required to complete the activity, such as:
o What has this activity taught me about incidences of diversity/difference?
o Suitability of the lesson content and activity to the age and developmental level of the child
o Adherence to the lesson plan and reasons for any changes 400 word analysis and 500 word reflection


Summarise and highlight the significant elements of the task. 100 words

Please submit this assessment as ONE word document only

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