Report/HR Service Level Agreement

Paired Assessment Task 1 “ HR Service Level Agreement
Background Information
You are to form into pairs (self selected or facilitator selected). You are an outsourced HR Provider and provide organisations of all sizes a full range of generic HR Services. One of your clients, has grown in size and is aware that to remain competitive in their market they must ensure their staff is performing to maximum efficiency. They are a small to medium sized firm and to date, and do not have an HR Department.
They have approached your company and are interested in your HR Services, which includes a detailed analysis and identification of gap areas.
1. Choose a small to medium organisation that is willing to assist you with company information.
2. Draw an organisational chart of their structure. 3. Write 1-2 paragraphs on their products/services. 4. Obtain their mission statement and their strategic/business goals. 5. Summarise the staffing levels and their roles and responsibilities.
6. Develop a HR Service Level Agreement for the provision of HR services that will assist them to highlight HR gap areas for the purpose of providing recommendations to ensure achievement of departmental and organisational objectives are achieved. (Note: Use a template provided by the facilitator).
What to submit
a. b.
A Summary of the company formation, structure and strategic direction of the company (items 2-5 above approximately 400 words).
A HR Service Level Agreement (approximately 1200 words) that is to include:
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Terms of the Agreement Services to be provided Introduction Scope
HR Service Agreement Objectives Mission/Vision/Strategic/Operational Objectives HR Gap Analysis Service Timelines HR Staffing Levels and Responsibilities Recommendations.
As require please .

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