report and presentaion 2

Managing organisational culture is considered an important part of any manager s activities. Culture
itself, clearly differentiates one organisation from another and evidence suggests that there is a link
between an organisation s culture and its effectiveness.

Therefore, the question is; Do organisation s that have a strong focus and positive culture
succeeded over those that do not?


What is organisation culture and how effectively can it be managed?

The assessment criteria should give you a clear indication of what you need to include in this essay. In
addition to Davidson et al 2009 Management core concepts and skills and the course materials you
should apply a minimum of 3 academic journal articles to support your discussion.

Make sure to follow the essay layout as explained in Chapter 3 in the Faculty Guide for students which
can be accessed through the following Website:

You MUST do additional reading and research for this assignment. Referencing just your text, course
materials and other textbooks is not sufficient.

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