Report Analysis on Coles supermarket

The case analysis or a company study is to be developed along the following framework:

1. Analysis of the existing situation in which three major issues need to be considered:

The physical flow of goods
The information flows and systems which underpin the flow of goods
The organizational and management structures which control the supply chain

2. Current Performance of Supply chain:
The overall performance of the supply chain in terms of both customer service and total logistics cost
The relative performance of the supply chain preferably against outside organizations, again in terms of customer service, total logistics costs, use of state of the art technology, inventory levels etc.
The relative performance of individual elements in logistics function like vehicle utilization in transport operations, stock-turn ratio in inventory management etc.
(Please Wait don’t do this part until I give you the other part completed from the other team member he will identify the issues and solutions) I will send it by tomorrow.
4.Implementation of Recommended Solution, including resources to be accessed, timing of implementation and monitoring of results.

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