report about the bipolar transistor and the long tailed pair experiments.

The report should be based on the bipolar transistor and the long tailed pair experiments.

Here are some comments for the lab report:

the Summary should tell the whole story, not just introduce the subject. A good Summary should have enough information so that the reader does not need to read the actual text. It should contain typically 200-300 words, and fit on one page. It should begin with a brief description of the investigation,then theory which include 1- bipolar transistor
2-modle of transistor
3- measurment of hFE
4-Bais current of bipolar trnsistor
5- small signal amplification of bipolar transistor
6- closed-loop amplifition of bipolar transistor

and the theory about Long Tailed Pair, this include
1-the SSm2210 dual transistor
2-the long-tailed pair
3-test circuit:quiescent condition
4-test circuit:ac condition
5-the current mirror
6-test circuit for current mirror
7-long tailed pair with current mirror
8-demonstration of common mode rejection

and followed by the procedure, results, discussions, and conclusion. In fact, the whole report in miniature.

make sure you include enough “peripheral” information, details you may have found from other sources such as the web, text books, etc. and make sure the the copy of the references are available in swansea university library and this is the link to the library

Note; Please use British English Slandered for writing the report
I have attached experiment booklet and the result of the experiment which you going to write the report on

thank you alot.

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