Religion Book Report Religion and Theology

Carefully read Khaled Abou El-Fadl s The Search for Beauty in Islam. After you have completed

the book, proceed to type up a report on it (see below for formatting guidelines). The first part of

the report (pp. 1-3) must thoroughly summarize each of the book s chapters. The second part

(pp. 4-6) must offer an analysis of the author s main arguments. This assignment is designed to

provide you with an opportunity to think critically about this important book. It will also help

hone your academic writings skills. Moreover, close study of this text will prove to be very

beneficial in preparing for the test and the research paper.

Method of Evaluation

The report is out of 25, and is worth 25% of the total course mark. For a good mark, you have to

(1) follow the format guidelines to a tee; (2) offer an effective summary of the text; and, most

importantly, (3) demonstrate to me, through your analysis of the work, that you have given

considerable thought to the issue(s) raised by the author.

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