Religion and Theology; This assignment assumes to draw upon prerequisite in systematic theology (doctrines of God, Christology, and pneumatology

Describe the roles Scripture and doctrine play (or should play) in the formation of Christian moral vision or imagination. Discuss how such vision or imagination is (or should be) operative in Christian moral deliberation, discernment, and action, using one of the spheres examined in Christian Moral Theology as a contextual background.

Evaluation criteria:
1. Clarity of argument (the principle theses are written in a clear and forthright manner)
2. Coherence of argument (the principle arguments are developed in a logical and engaging manner)
3. Elegance and eloquence of prose (the language employed is crisp, concise, and free of jargon)
4. Critical engagement with relevant sources (the essay reflects a command of the pertinent literature, and demonstrates critical reasoning skills)

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