Regarding Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’: ‘Adam is uxorious and therefore heroic.’ Discuss. custom essay

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The primary text (and primary focus) of this essay is Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’. Please make sure you engage fully with the text: this means including lots of quotations from the text itself (lots).

Make sure both sides of the argument are addressed with equal weight and end with a well-reasoned conclusion.

I will upload a document that states EXPLICITLY which edition of the text to use, other reference and critical-response material to utilise, and EXACTLY how to cite the works. This is extremely important; please do not diverge from this and use only the editions of texts listed.

I NEED to be able to find the exact pages/line numbers of the primary text and all other material, so please ensure EVERY quotation, idea, concept, notion and historical context is referenced and cited fully and according to my specifications. Even if it is a general thought about the text, I need that the source of that thought to be acknowledged in the essay.

The document I will upload shows 3 things:
1) which edition of ‘Paradise Lost’ must be used;
2) what secondary source material must be used (although you may supplement this)
3) examples of FULL citations for each text/secondary material.

I will provide complete examples of how to cite each text – this means all you have to do is locate appropriate quotes and ideas, and then simply copy and paste my citations as they are, but adding the relevant page/line numbers. This is all you have to do for each footnote; it is imperative to adhere to this.

Where possible, I have given online links to certain secondary texts for ease of access. However, please make sure to cite as I have specified: unless otherwise prompted.

You may include any other secondary material you like, just so long as it is cited correctly. I have given examples the footnote format required for each type of citation.

Internet sources are fine so long as they are legitimate and are implemented sparingly. Please feel free to supplement my suggested secondary material; include anything else you deem relevant/appropriate to the essay’s title.

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