Reflection on Learning in Consumer Behaviour

My required is that is the work, which is in the attachments, addressed all the points or no? if no please give me your notes on one page.

the required of this work is:


Your task in this assignment is to reflect on what you have learned during the semester, and as it is a reflection it should be written in first person. In particular you should consider reflecting critically on what was written in your first assignment, and by doing this demonstrate what you have learned in this unit. While there is no defined direction this assignment should take, you may wish to consider discussion of:

What readings have had the biggest impact on your understanding of marketing (and why),

Comment on how your readings have changed what you would do as a marketing specialist of the future.

If you have studied other marketing units or have past marketing work experience, you may wish to reflect on how you would do things differently to how you have done in the past.

Consider what marketing specialists currently do and what they should be doing differently
While this is a reflective piece, it is expected that all ideas that are not your own will be cited correctly

1. Assess the key academic literature within the field of consumer behaviour
2. Appraise cognitive modes including cultural, social and psychological influences
4. Evaluate the strategic and tactical implications associated with alternative consumer behavior theories
5. Question the value of traditional marketing practice and reflect on how the different approaches impact the marketing profession.

Important: Reflection on Learning in Consumer Behavior – Marking Rubric

1-Presentation and Style
Professional presentation of assignment
Excellent grammar & spelling
2-Flow of discussion
Discussion is structured to enable reader to follow discussion
Argument presented in a logical manner
Argument supported by a range of references
3-Evidence of critical reflection
Excellence in critical thought
Issues thoroughly debated
Clear evidence of reflection


Referencing consistent with Harvard Style

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