reducing and minizing harm from alcohol and other drugs

I want you to write 1200 words a research paper about reducing and minizing harm from alcohol and other drugs.
Use atleast 6 acadimic sources (textbook, artical,and reports)
Make sure the sources must have been published between 2006 to 2011.

In the research peper:
-Describe the significance of the health issue in Australia.
-Discuss three (3) determinants (could be social, biological and/or environmental) that are
relevant to the health issue. As per assignment 1, demonstrate your understanding of how
these determinants influence the health issue and its associated outcomes.
-Discuss two (2) existing strategies/interventions (could be downstream, midstream and/or
upstream) that are relevant to the prevention of the health issue

Evaluate how this assignment has allowed you to develop skills and knowledge relevant to
your course and future employment as a health or other professional.

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