Ready meal manufacturers ready to respond to a changing marketing environment

the 1st question mainly summarizes the effects of Political/Economical/Social and Technological (PEST) changes on the sales of ready meals. and it has a total mark of 60%

the 2nd question asks about the factors that might affect of ready meals in my country over the next 5 years. My country is saudi arabia where ready prepared meals are not really in demand becauing at a restse most families have their own maids, stick to family traditions, where home cooked meals are of more importance. Most single households would prefer eating at a restaurant or with friendsi. And working class such as cleaners, drivers, etc would find ready cooked meals expensive compared to their allowance so the wouldn’t actually go for ready meals.
This question has a total of 40%. I want the above points to be discussed in details and a proof of it as well.
Thank you.

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