Purpose of an essay serve in any college course

Nearly all college courses will require you to write, whether you must write an essay, answer thorough questions, or write during exams. Take a moment to think about why you are asked to write in college. Next, write a response to the following questions in one, well-developed academic paragraph. You don?t have to follow the order presented below?just be sure to answer each question in your response, and remember to include all basic paragraph parts.1. What purpose does an essay serve in any college course?from art and music courses to biology and criminal justice courses (i.e., Why are students asked to write essays)?2. Why should students be able to write effective essays?3. What does a well-organized essay show readers about a student?s thinking process?4. What does an essay show readers about a student?s relationship with the course material?5. What specific skills does an effective essaydemonstrate, and why should students be able to demonstrate them???.

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