Proofreading for Legonnela assignment ( I NEED writer#13023 )

The assignment is in file: Assessment 1 FV21020
The assignment which i want you to look at : SAFETY HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT-D2
Follow the new instruction which i download in file: New-instructions to assignment
Read the file: AnswerfromNebosh to see what is the best answer should look like.

Please read the question and follow the instructions which i download. Look at the Answer from Nebosh exam to cheack your answer. Use the UK Bibliography and use the references which I suggest please.(I downloaded some )

Look at Case law Regina vs Board of Trusts of the Science Museum.
We need to discuss what health and safety just have been broken, which companies were involved and liable.
Read the Forum Building case study which will give you information.
Look at the schedule of comparison and do it.
Then write that letter to health and safety executive trying to convince them not to prosecute Acme.

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