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Project Philosophy:
1. In Hypothetical situation, your group has been given QR 1,000,000 million. You are asked to invest in order to have more than the original amount by the end of decided time frame. The following investment options are available for investment opportunity.
2. The available investment options are;
a. Stock Market Investment.(National/International)
b. Bank deposits (Only Non-Islamic Deposits)
c. Gold & Other Metals.
d. Bond / Debenture Investment.
e. Forex Market.( Currencies)
3. You can select minimum three options from the above category and maximum five.
4. Invest your money according to your group’s investment philosophy (risk taking capacity).
5. Your investment strategy should be based on Good returns and Safety.
6. Support your Returns with Accurate and clear Calculations
7. The most important, support your earnings with relevant documents. These should be provided in the Appendix. Remember your projects outcomes are going to be considered only on the basis of supportive material.
8. The investment time period is decided as: Thursday 15 March 2012 to Wednesday 30 May 2012. This period should be considered for Return calculations.
9. On Sunday,15 April 2012, you can (since the starting of investment) reshuffle your portfolio as per your policy.

Projects Report:
• Front page.
• Index page.
• Abstract ( approximately 100 words)
• There should be Three Chapters:
CHAPTER I : PERSONAL FINANCE (approximate Pages 3-4)
• Introduction and Rational of your Project Report.
• Investment Goal, Objectives and Philosophy
• Table of QR 1000000 allocation expressed in percentage bases.
CHAPTER II : INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO (approximate. Pages 7-8)
• Explain step by step your earnings with each type of investment avenues along with relevant evidences.
CHAPTER III : RETURN OUTCOMES (approximate Pages 2-3)
• At the end there should be review portfolio distribution and earnings. Compare with your set Goal. Your degree of satisfaction through your achievement and conclusion.
• Write all relevant sources.
• Title of the Project: See the Front page layout and sample project.
• The front page layout is provided at the end. You have to strictly follow the layout; it has reserved certain points.
• Times New Roman, font size 12. With 1.5 space.
• Project should be properly bound with professional look.
• The minimum required pages ranges between 15-20.
• The submission date is last week of Spring 2012 semester.

please i dont want it very complicated, easy and understandable.and please select institution and companies in Qatar not in other country, it will take two months because it depend on the companies intrest rate and other stuff that need time.

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