Project Plan

Assignment 2: Project Plan (20%)
This assignment is to be done in groups of two students working together. It involves use of Microsoft Project and
must be submitted by Week 7 (18th April). You must ensure that your project has no over-allocated resources
or dangling tasks. You should save the project with a baseline. Your submission should include:
?A letter and firm quotation to the client. This should summarise important items in the budget and schedule,
and indicate any important dates ? such as when building work is to occur, training is planned and the
project is to be completed. It should, however, include only information that is relevant to the client, and be
expressed in a form that will be understood by the client, who has little knowledge of computers or project
management. Remember that as well as being informative, this letter is also a sales document.
?A printed memo to your boss, including printed copies of:
– Table of Contents and Executive Summary
– a list of any Assumptions you have made, and any special requirements for the project
– a detailed Gantt chart showing the critical path, with a baseline project schedule
– a Network diagram with no dangling tasks: that is, every task (except of course the summary tasks)
should be on a path from the first to last
– a Microsoft Project Summary report
– a series of other reports showing detailed costing, resource usage and other relevant things.
All multi-sheet charts should be appropriately fixed together into one large chart to enable the reader to easily
follow the progress of the project. Colours on the chart indicating the critical path and/or slack time would be
beneficial if you have access to a colour printer. Make sure that all parts of your submitted report include the
names of each group member. Gantt charts should show appropriate information such as the task name, start
and finish dates, and resource names. The date format should be DD/MM/YY.
?A virus-free copy of a memory stick or CD containing the Microsoft Project assignment file. (Only a copy(Note) (( Using Microsoft office project ))
should be submitted; you must keep the original.)
Late submissions will be penalised at the rate of 20% per week (or part thereof) overdue.

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