project management problems

Assessment name: Case Study
Description: The objective of the assignment is to test your general understanding of the theory as presented in the first five weeks of the unit. You are to write a 1500 word report to your CEO identifying three major project management problems, analysing the impact of these problems, and then, recommending and justifying changes to rectify these problems. Feedback will be given approximately one week after your completion of the exercise.
Relates to learning outcomes: Higher-order analysis and critical thinking pertinent to a particular discipline area.

Defining and solving problems in a discipline area
Format: Report (excluding Executive Summary) .Introduction ( which attract the readers),body, conclusion and recommendation.

More explain:
Assignment 1 Question
Dear All,
I’ve received several emails from students asking which project they should select if they do not currently work for an organization, whether Vaughan and I intend to provide a case study, and what general guidance is being offered.
All of these questions have been discussed in class but I’ll try to summarise below.
You may choose any project you wish as long as it is a project and you are reasonably familiar with its details. If could be a project that you have participated in. One of the examples which we gave was a sporting event. In this case you would assume that you are writing to a CEO of an organization which was responsible for this event. Alternatively you could even interview someone else in the class about a project they have undertaken. You can even research one of many project that are described in the literature e.g. the Sydney Opera House, the Space Shuttle etc.
Certainly Jack and I will not be providing a case study.
In addition, Jack and I have offered the following guidelines. Assessment Item 1 is quite straight forward. Key things to remember are that it is a report so need a persuasive Introduction and a self contained Conclusions and Recommendations sections. The three problems must be project management problems so best to stick with items related to the knowledge areas. The three problems can be chosen from one, two or three knowledge areas but we usually suggest two. This way you demonstrate you demonstrate a broader understanding but don t challenge the word count with three knowledge areas. Read the CRA carefully because that is what we mark to, in particular note the emphasis upon analysis and recommendations. Have a look at QUT Cite|Right for details of citations etc and for suggested report format layouts. Word count is 1500+10% max. In analysing the three problems, think about using a recognised framework such as the PMBoK because that provides a baseline for comparison. Note too that all submissions are via Blackboard. As the tutors will be marking your assignment, you should also seek their counsel if anything remains unclear

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