Project Management PMBOK

2000 Words

Critique of the following article:

Aim, Fire, Aim “ Project Planning Styles in Dynamic Environments.
Authors: Simon Collyer, Clive Warren, Bronwyn Hemsley and Chris Stevens

When you critique an article, instead of simply reading it and accepting it on face value, you review
and evaluate the article in relation to your own knowledge and experience.

You should:

Form an opinion as to whether you agree or disagree with the points made by the authors, but
your comments need to be supported with evidence from the Project Management (academic
and/or industry) environment. Inlcuding PMBOK

The first 500 words (approx.) need to present the main thrust of the article using your own words. The
remaining words are to be used to comment on the material presented by the authors.

You may also wish to comment on the process aspects of the paper as well, i.e. the way the authors
have argued and described their case.

You will need to fully reference any additional sources you cite in your critique, and provide a list of
references at the end of the critique, if applicable. Please note that any information contained in the
cover-page and references do not count towards your total word count.

Must meet the below.

Summary of the main aspects of the article

has accurately identified the main thrust of the article and presented it
in sufficient detail.
has structured the discussion of the source article in a logical manner.
has paraphrased the material, rather than plagiarised or over-used
direct quotes from the original.

Commentary on the article

is balanced, including both positive and negative comments in the
is logically argued and opinions/claims are supported with evidence
from the general project management environment.
discuss the concept of the iterative approach in relation to your own or
chosen industry.
discuss one or more strategies to optimize planning in dynamic
environments in relation to your own or chosen industry.

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