Professional Internship – Commnicatons

Do the readings help you self analyse and isolate attributes that you hadn’t thought about? Did you find it a useful approach for developing ‘your brand’? What might Charleston’s reading suggest to you?

Week 2
Did you find Popovich’s (2001) advice about the do’s and don’ts of interviewing helped you to prepare for your interview? Are you able to apply it to your current situation or any previous interview experience so that you might develop better responses to such questions? Do Popovich’s other articles help you prepare for job interviews?
Anderson, Boud & Sampson (1996) provide a framework for developing a learning contract to match your individual learning need or interest. Did the reading help you develop goals that you might not have immediately thought about? what do you see as the major challenge to fulfill your learning contract?

Week 3
Yate’s (1992) question prompts were extensive, did they expand your thinking about the interview beyond the job description? Which questions do you find most challenging? Reflect on why and think about ways to respond to challenging questions to optimise the outcome for you. Review Yorke’s (2004) work on moving into the work place. Can you draw any synergies between the examples explored and your own experiences?

Week 4
What do the readings suggest to you about work based learning as opposed to university learning? How does the role of reflection affect your depth of learning? Do you find the diary helps to prompt you to unpack what’s going on? Can you turn it around so you can analyse yourself more effectively? Does this help you to think about the way you do things in order to find other ways?

Week 5
Fanthome (2004) talks extensively about managing expectations when approaching an internship. How did your expectations measure up to the reality of your experience? how did you manage the change and were Fanthome’s suggestions helpful for you?

Week 6
Reidy 2006 (p100-126) explores changes faced by students as they negotiate their own paths through the workplace. How did you manage these challenges? what did you find most surprising about yourself?

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