Problem Solving

· Answer all the following five questions.
· Place your answers in an MS Word document or pdf document.
· Submit your assignment answers via the portal.
Read the excerpt from the article Undone by delicious but bizarre run-in with the law and identify all statements, claims and arguments presented. You should answer this question using a table like the one shown below
· Column 1 indicates whether you have identified a statement, claim or argument
· Column 2 contains the text of that statement, claim or argument
· Use the colour-coding as shown in the table
· Keep the order of the text in Column 2 the same as the actual text
Claim Australia s foreign aid budget is expanding dramatically
Claim Taxpayers should be worried

Statement How will we know what programs aid is spent on?

Argument Premise/Conclusion Rudd s task will not be easy, in part because it requires dramatically changing a risk-averse culture Claim Australia is a lucky country
[15 marks]
1. Using the method explained in the text book from pages 51-53, diagram the following arguments
a. 1 since 2; and because 1, 3. Also 4 and 5 therefore 3. (Assume 4 and 5 are part of the same argument for 3).
[5 marks]
b. I think Louis should move out of home. There are many reasons why I think this, including that he earns enough money and so can afford to rent his own place. Also Louis has friends over all the time, and someone who has friends over should have their own place. Anyway, Louis has to move out of home because his parents are turning his bedroom into a games room!
[10 marks]
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a. For each of the following, determine if they are claims or not.
i. Are you going to Callie s birthday party?
ii. Congratulations!
iii. That s fantastic!
iv. My television has bad reception.
[1 mark each, 4 marks]
b. For each of the following, determine if they are vague or ambiguous, and write one short sentence to support your answer.
i. Marcia stood with Cindy as her name was called to receive the award.
ii. I floss my teeth frequently.
iii. There is a chance it will be delivered tomorrow.
[1 + 1 marks each, 6 marks]
3. Apply the following categorical operations as indicated. If the operation cannot be performed on the claim, write not possible.
a. Give the converse of Some chemicals are toxic substances
b. Give the obverse of All vegans are vegetarians
c. Give the contrapositive of Some students are not ticket holders
d. Perform conversion on the contrapositive of All land-owners are land-developers. Show both operations in your answer.
e. Perform contraposition on the obverse of Some members are females. Show both operations in your answer
[2 marks each, 10 marks]
a. Use the full truth table method to determine the validity of the following argument P  Q ~(~Q V R) ~S V P__ R & P
[5 marks]
b. Use the short truth table method to determine the validity of the following argument P & ~Q Q  R R V (S & T) ~P V T
[5 marks]
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Undone by delicious but bizarre run-in with the law
June 24, 2010
A few weeks ago, I had a bizarre but delicious run-in with the law that in retrospect seems dreamlike more than actual, and has all the delirious precision of a perfect comic nightmare. It happened to me and, therefore, it offers my memory a delicious sip of surrealism to soothe the rough touch of the prosaic.
The cops pulled me over for being unroadworthy because my ancient Corolla sedan resembled the end of the world on bald tyres. As well as that, the boot didn’t close and the headlights were permanently on high-beam. I used to enjoy blinding all the junkies in Smith Street on my way home from Safeway.
The incredibly beautiful policewoman smiled at me in a kind of pitying way and said I looked a bit downShe gave me a card with a special number upon it.
”You do look a bit down. This is the toll-free number for Lifeline if you’re happening to feel like suicide. Why not give them a bell?”
She poked a huge torch in the car and I saw it in an entirely new way. She found half a kilo of offshore liquorice allsorts in the dashboardShe failed the car on frayed nylon seat coversShe failed it on many things in the end, including a rear quarter-panel with a great big gouge in it that was put there by a mad driver because he felt like it.
She swiftly glued a canary yellow certificate on my windscreen and part of me died.
Her companion was a policeman seven-feet high who said nothing the whole time the interview took place. I smiled up at him at one stage and said very sweetly: ”How you going, mate?” He seemed not to be my mate, for he pushed an invisible button in his right shoulder and a second police car arrived within a minute. He called for back-up on an unroadworthy car!
I shouldn’t have called him mate; that was very much an oversight. The second police car screamed to a standstill right next to the first one; I noticed it was on high-beam just like my car because there’s something wrong with the dipswitch.
In the end, the handsome policewoman allowed me to carefully drive my car home, where it now languishes in sheer disgrace out the front.

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