Part 1
Your specific assignment for this week is to select a type of quantitative data to collect from your own life. Some examples of data to collect could be:
How many minutes do you spend on studying everyday. ( 120 Min )
How many hours do you spend at work everyday: ( 8 Hours )
Number of phone calls you get each day. (3)
In a brief paper, describe the data you are going to collect. Start collecting data today so you have can have at least 10 observations, preferably more.
Note: you only have to choose one variable, and then collect 10 days worth of data on that one variable. For example, if your variable is how long it takes you to drive to work each day, simply record how long it takes you to get to work for 10 days.
The following items will be assessed in particular:
1. Your ability to explain the basic logic of probability theory
2. Your ability to identify the meaning of independent and dependent events
Part 2
Using the data you have collected in above, please do the following:
Calculate the mean, median, and mode.
Are these numbers higher or lower than you would have expected?
Which of these measures of central tendency do you think most accurately describes the lifestyle variable you are looking at?
Write a brief paper pages with your calculations and the answers to these questions.

Part 3
Based on information that provided in PART 1. answer the following:
Is the larger sample changing anything?
Is your mean increasing or decreasing?
Do you think the current sample you have is enough to paint an accurate picture, or do you need a much larger sample?
The following items will be assessed in particular:
1. Your ability to identify situations when sampling is appropriate.
2. Your ability to describe the process of selecting and evaluating a sample.
Part 4
Now using Excel, prepare a frequency distribution from the data you collected.
Calculate the Standard Deviation of your data.
Is this a normal distribution?
What are the implications

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