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Desktop Publishing for Business INFS 2032
Assessment #2 – Minor Project
The Study Guide lists details of different types of business documents you will need to find to discuss and submit via
Gradebook during weeks 4, 6 & 7. These are to be actual printed business documents, not items found on the
internet, downloaded or copied. A list of common business documents which you could look for is available on the
course website. You are required to write a discussion in your own words (minimum 660 words each time) using the
lecture notes and general marking guide as your reference.
Submission of assessment:
Your discussion is to be completed in Publisher 2010 with a reference list included at the end for weeks 6 and 7 (on a
new page). The documents you find need to have all their pages scanned or photographed (preferably with a digital
camera not mobile phone) in colour and then inserted into your discussion. Your assignment is to be submitted
through Gradebook the night before your tutorial class. You are to bring your assignment along with the original
documents to your tutorial the next day for discussion.
You will be allocated marks according to the marking guide and your discussion in class. Failure to submit your
discussion with colour images of ALL parts or sides of your document will result in no marks being allocated for that
particular week. Failure to attend class to discuss your documents will result in no marks being allocated for that
particular week.
Referencing required:
It is expected you will research the topics for weeks 6 & 7 to provide a full analysis in your own words. Do not
reference from lecture notes or Wikipedia (or similar). If you use a webpage, make sure you include the full URL for
each page you use in the reference list. Referencing only homepages will not give you any marks; you need to
reference each individual webpage or .pdf file. Referencing using the Harvard referencing method is essential.
It is expected you will reference your sources throughout your discussion using Harvard in-text referencing. Any
copying of text that is NOT referenced in-text with quotation marks and page numbers will be deemed to be
plagiarised. The way you are to reference websites can be found on the lecture slides.
Examples of in-text referencing:
In your own words –
Traditional drawing tools were commonly used by graphic designers before the arrival of computers (Graham 2002).
A direct quote or words copied exactly from your source –
“Years ago, graphic designers spent most of their work time at a drawing board” (Graham 2002 p259).
An example of a reference list can be found under References in the Course Outline. Please use this same format for
your reference list. The author’s surname (last name/family name) eg Hobson, L, is used and the list is placed in
alphabetical order.
The bulleting or numbering of each reference is not to be used.
Further information is given under Academic Integrity.
Assignment word count:
When applying the word count you only include information which is in your own words, that is, you do not include any
direct quotes or copied material as these have been written by someone else. Direct quotes will not be marked. You
only apply the word count to your discussion not the reference list.
Format required:
You can choose your own formatting but can be similar to the following if you choose:
Headings: Arial 11pt BOLD
Text: Arial 11pt 1 ½ line spacing
Margins: 1.5cm all around
All pages are to include your student name and ID in the footer along with the week number you are submitting it for.
This is extremely important as you are no longer required to submit an assignment cover sheet when submitting
electronically. This helps with the marking of the assignment.
Submission requirements:
Your electronic assignment does not need a cover sheet, title page or the assignment spelt out in any way.
You will need to submit your assignment via Gradebook as one Publisher 2010 file called A2 and the
Week number eg Libby Hobson A2 W2.
Failure to hand this assignment up in this format will result in much lower marks and late return.

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