Preparation of a literature review on The Health Implications of Food and Nutrition Transition in INDIA

Value of this assessment activity
1. You will use and further develop your skills in literature searching, accessing web-based resources, comprehension, critical analysis, interpretation and writing.
2. You will retrieve nutrition-related data from international data sources, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
3. You will critically evaluate food and nutrition data.
4. You will summarise information about food and nutrition transitions in a developing country and prepare a written report about your findings.

Over the past 50 years, many countries of the world have undergone swift demographic and economic changes; moving from rural, subsistence ways of life to urban, modernised lifestyles and cash economies. Along with these demographic and economic changes have come changes in the food and nutrition systems of these countries. These transitions are thought to have a major effect on the health of the populations of these countries

Brief history of the country “ particularly changes related to colonisation and modernisation .
Changes in the age structure of the population.
Changes in economic patterns “ income, cash crops, imports and exports, employment opportunities, women s roles in the economy.
Demographic changes “ such as proportions of the population living in urban areas.
Changing patterns in mortality i.e. which diseases have decreasing mortality rates, which diseases have increasing death rates.
Changing disease patterns i.e. decline in infectious diseases, increase in non-communicable diseases (and risk factors for these diseases).
Changing dietary patterns – food availability, food security, information from FAO food balance sheets and from dietary surveys.
Conclusions: Summarise the major issues discussed in the paper and suggest strategies that this country might undertake to address such issues

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