Power Markets Resit Coursework

Instructions: Below you will find questions to be answered in an essay on the British power markets. This essay should not exceed 1500 words. Any reference that you cite should be listed at the end of the document using the Harvard format. Please be aware of the School s regulations and procedures concerning plagiarism.
1. Describe the current electricity trading arrangements in Britain and the main changes that were introduced under NETA.
2. Which risks do generators and electricity suppliers face in the current market arrangements?
3. Consider the information that is provided daily at http://www.bmreports.com/bsp/bsp_home.htm .
a. Describe what you observe.
b. Give examples of how market players can use these data and reports in the last 24 hours before gate closure.
4. What are the challenges faced by this market?
5. How do you see its future?

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