Power and Crime in United Arab of Emirates custom essay

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This assignment is for social sciences course

The assignment has to be in 2 parts assignment and presentation, power point

The power point have to be with only points, picture, examples and statistics and for 30 mints only

The main ideas as the following:

1. Introduction for crime in UAE in general

2. Power in general in UAE The power will be government, and police in UAE

3. Clarify the top five international crime in UAE for example (Money laundering – Murder- Drugs – Smuggling of weapon- ….) or other crimes in UAE should to explaine the meaning of each crimes with realistic example for it and then explain the power role ( government police role in UAE ) to stop the crimes and how the can reduce the crimes in the state

4. Use one method to be show in assignment (survey – statistics – interview or questioners) method to clarify the facts about the power and crimes in UAE with showing the % percentages of each crimes in UAE by statistics .
You can add any other idea and points in the assignments related to the ( power and crimes in UAE) .
Finally the conclusions

If you need any exlapain please let me know
thank you

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