post modernist architecture

essay question:

Whereas Jurgen Habermas is critical of post-modernist architects like Venturi Scott-Brown, describing them as surrealist stage designers¬Ě, Frederic Jameson takes a more sympathetic position contending that Venturi Scott-Brown and other postmodernist architects aesthetic effacement and breaking down of barriers between high culture and mass cultural forms as a positive action. Discuss the opposing positions.

background (course description):

For the first time in history, since 1960s, we are faced with the sobering yet liberating fact that there is no governing style in architecture and interior design. The course will interrogate the cultural influences that have created this environment by introducing the 20th century cultural theory and non architectural writings centred around the themes of structuralism, postmodernism and post structuralism. The course will trace links between current architectural discourse and parallel cultural phenomena, with an emphasis on post-modernist culture and the overlap and cross-pollination that occurs between the visual arts and the design disciplines.


( you are encouraged to reference other sources as well)

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Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, 1997

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Routledge, New York, 2004
(Jurgen Habermas- Modern and Postmodern Architecture, p.225-235)
(Frederic Jameson- the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, p. 236-247)

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Extra notes:
1. please use footnotes and cite everything that is taking from sources.

2. It is important to trace links between the cultural theory and the contemporary architectural experience.

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