Position Paper; Philosophy Paper Creative writing

Paper 1: Position Paper- 5 Pages, sources listed at bottom of explanation.

Campare the two theorists provided, and take your own position in relation to the theorists you discuss. You will argue for the relative merits and deficiencies of each theorist’s statement; staking your own claim on one side, the other or somewhere in the middle. The question you will be answering along with the theorists you will be discussing are as follows:
What mode of documentary (if it is documentary at all) would you argue Orson Welle’s “F for Fake” is and why? In this film, Welles seems to be skeptical of the veracity of the photographic or cinematic image. How do you think Baudelaire or Grierson would react to Welles’s representing “truth” or “reality” in cinema? Please make sure to discuss F for Fake in detail over the course of your answer. So the sources that you will be using in this essay will be: Bill Nichols ” Performing Documentary”; Charles Baudelaire “The Salon of 1859: The Modern Public and Photography”;John Grierson “First Principles of Documentary” and the film “F for Fake” by Orson Welles.
Additionally I will provide my own notes on these three readings and film.

Paper 2: Philosophy in Film- 8 Pages, references listed at the bottom

This paper will rehearse the philosophical arguments of the author discussed, relating these arguments to the film by Gaspar Noe “I Stand Alone”. The Philosopher that will be discussed is Walter Benjamin’s “Illuminations” more specifically his essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” another reference that may be used in this discussion is Bernard Steigler’s “Acting Out”
I will also provide notes on this assignment as well.

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