portfolio optimization

This proposal should convince the reader that the research is worthwhile, you are the appropriate investigator to undertake it successfully, you are aware of previous and current work in the area, you critically review the body of previous work on the problem, you have a sound and workable research methodology, and that the hypothetical budget is reasonable. For the methodology, you should consider the data gathering process (if applicable), experimental design and appropriate methods for the analysis and presentation of the results such as particular statistical methods. You should make use of the material gained from the seminars, your Department and your own additional reading.

This exercise is designed to prepare students to request funds for projects in both academic and industrial environments (e.g., a request for money from management for a new project or competitive tendering). It will also assist in the realistic costing of contract or consultancy work in a commercial environment. Accordingly, do not underestimate the future value of this exercise

Marks: This assignment comprises 35% of the unit total. The marks will be broken down according to: summary and form completion (5%), background (i.e., literature review) (20%), aims and significance of the project (15%), approach (i.e., research methodology) (50%), budget and its justification (10%).
Importantly, this assignment assesses your understanding of all the aspects of conducting research covered in the unit.

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