There are five tasks in this portfolio so please complete all of them.

Task 1 – Analysing experience questions (450 words)

The aim of this assessment is to increase your awareness of how you have learned from your experience outside a formal learning environment

You will be marked on the quality and originality of your thought rather than length. You do not need to provide academic references but further reading may help you generally develop your thinking

You must write 90 words in each answer.

The five Questions are:

First let s try to understand what we mean by experience .

A particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something (Dictionary.com)

1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this definition for expressing what you understand by experience ?

We use the word experience frequently in English when we want to talk about our perception of something which happens. For instance My ride on Thunder Mountain at the Disneyland theme park was an unforgettable experience There was obviously something special about that experience which made it unforgettable. It was something which I would refer to as an experience . This compares with my experience of riding on the train every morning coming into work.

2. What would you say is the difference between our use of experience and an experience? (Give examples)

3. What is the difference between a concrete experience and an abstract experience ? (Give examples)

4. What sort of experience are you likely to learn most from? Why is this?

Experiential learning theory defines learning as “the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Knowledge results from the combination of grasping and transforming experience”(Kolb 1984, p. 41).

5. What do you think Kolb meant by grasping and transforming experience?


– Please answer all 5 questions and write 90 words in each answer.

Task 2 – How do you think? (480 words)

The aim of this assessment is to enable you to evaluate the efficiency of the way you currently think so you will better understand how to develop your critical thinking skills

This task is based on Cottrell chapter 2 and it is essential that you have access to it. The material is not otherwise available

Complete all the assessments on pages 17-21 of Cottrell (Critical Thinking Skills) Chapter 2

Now write a report reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of your thinking skills under Cottrell s headings:
Comparison, Sequence, Categorising, Following directions, Close Reading, Recognising similarities

If you wish to gain additional data, you may continue with the assessments to page 31, but this is not essential

You will be marked on the honesty of your report and the insights you can give about the reality of your thinking style. You will not be given extra marks for getting all the answers right. You are recommended not to look at the answer pages until after you have attempted the assessments. This is so that you can gain a genuine picture of your critical thinking style and your need for development.


– You must read (Critical Thinking Skills) book in order to complete this task.
– Complete all the assessments on pages 17-21 of Cottrell (Critical Thinking Skills) Chapter 2.

Task 3 – Critical thinking Lecture learning logs “ Weeks 5,7,9 (480 words)

The aim of this assessment is to enable you to reflect on what you have learned about critical thinking and to assess what value this understanding has for your future personal development

How to write your lecture learning logs

Write a brief summary of the points which you consider to be most significant from the lecture. These might be the ones you found most interesting or even the points you seemed to understand best. You don t have to provide a summary of the whole lecture;

Next focus on why you think any of these ideas could be valuable to you in your academic or work life. You may be already applying some of them so reflect on how you could be even more effective in how you use them.

For instance, in the lectures on critical thinking, you may have written that the most important point that helped you understand what critical thinking is about, is that it requires you to look beneath the surface of someone s argument. If you reflect on that point you might come up with an example of where you have been listening to someone expressing a point of view (or reading about it) and realised that the opinion is based on underlying assumptions which are false or not always true.

You might also decide to mention that the structure of an argument includes a Conclusion and Supporting reasons. Write about how this may (or may not) help you to develop an argument when you are writing essays etc and give an example of how this may work in practice.

You may also include references to the learning you have gained from the seminars and the weekly reading


– I already uploaded the lecture slides for each week, you must read them before you start writing.

– Week 5 lecture is: Critical thinking and Developing Scholarly Argument

– Week 7 lecture is: Assumptions and implicit arguments

– Week 9 lecture is: Techniques for efficient reading

Task 4 – Debate Report – Reflective Report (500 words)

The aim of this task Is to enable you to apply the skills of critical thinking to a real issue in competition with other points of view

During the second part of the first term your tutorial group will prepare a formal debate on a subject agreed with your tutor. This will put into practice some of the things you have learned about developing scholarly arguments from the lectures and tutorials.

Your tutorial group will be divided into two teams to prepare your arguments and at the final seminar of the term you will debate this subject; each team supporting a different side of the argument. Your tutor will decide which team won the debate and give a mark for the quality of the arguments used.

Reflective Report (500 words) :

Following the debate you must write a reflective report evaluating what you have learned from the experience,
You should include answers to the following questions


1 What was the motion of the debate? Was your group for or against the motion

2 How well did your team work together on planning their part in the debate?

3 How could you have worked better?

Your argument

4 What were the key points in the argument your group developed?

5 What evidence did you identify through research to support your argument?

6 What were the strengths and weaknesses of the argument?

The other side s argument

7 What were the key points of the argument presented by the other side?

8 What evidence did they present to support their argument?

9 What were the strengths and weaknesses of the argument?

Your learning

10 What did you learn about how to develop successful arguments from this experience?


1. The debate topic is: This house believes that TV does more harm than good.

2. My group was against . We said TV more good than harm.

3. My team was won.

3. Please write a reflective report evaluating what I have learned from the experience in the debate also cover everything in this reflective report.

Task 5 – Personal Statement (90 words)

The aim of this task is to reflect on the skills you have acquired and to present them positively in a way which is attractive to a potential employer

During the lecture in week 13 Measuring your employment skills you will be given examples of personal statements used as part of a CV in job applications.

For this task reflect on what you think you can now contribute to an organisation to which you might apply for a job in future. Then write a personal statement which succinctly presents your experience, skills and personal qualities.


I already uploaded the lecture slides in week 13 so please read it then write a personal statement.

Please note all of these points:

1- Please read this book (Critical Thinking Skills).

2- Please avoid the plagiarism in this portfolio, I will check the work before I submit it so please avoid the plagiarism.

3- I already uploaded lecture 5, 7 and 9 to complete task 3, also I uploaded lecture 13 to complete task 5.

4- Please do your best in this portfolio and give me a good work.

5- In this portfolio I want you to complete all the (five tasks) so please do your best and give me a good piece of work.

6- All the references must be academic and must be from the books.

7- The references must be Harvard style.

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