There are Six tasks in this portfolio so please complete all of them.

You should note that:

– Task 1 is not related to the other tasks, but task 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 are related to each other.

– When you finish from task 1 then start writing task 2,3,4,5 and 6.

Task 1 “ Employment related experience (550 words)

The aim of this assessment is to give you an opportunity to learn from experiences which will enhance your value to a potential employer
Write a report reflecting on the skills learned from the experience gained from an activity you have taken part in, outside your academic studies.

From the list I have already chosen this activity below:

– Organise an event for a group of more than 15 people which entertains, helps, or informs

You must show evidence to authenticate your involvement with the activity- see below.

The purpose of the task is to give you the opportunity to take part in activities where you will learn through experience skills which will enhance your CV and develop your professional competence. Most importantly the task you take part in should increase your awareness of the skills you have gained which will contribute to your increased employability. In other words you will be identifying the skills which should show a future employer that you are worth employing.

Although the task you chose will involve you in careful planning and possibly quite a lot of work, the report has to be concise and fairly brief.

What to write in the report:

Your report should contain the following sections plus evidence

1. Describe what you did. Include in this how you set the activity up, and examples of the sorts of things you had to do. Describe any significant events or problems which happened during your involvement in the task.

2. Describe what you learned. “ Think through ( reflect on ) what you did in some detail and analyse the skills you have used and developed which would improve your effectiveness in a real work situation.

For instance if you organised an event, you would have had to decide what was going to happen during the event; how long each part should last; and what time things should happen so that the event would fit into a particular time slot and start and finish on time. To do this effectively you have used the skills of scheduling or time management. You might have had to carefully choose between two alternative events “ and so used decision making skills. You may have also had to use negotiating skills, writing skills, listening skills, problem solving skills, budgeting skills etc. In using these skills you would have developed your capability. In other words you would have learned from the experience.

Your report must analyse the situation you were in and identify the skills you have learned. Don t just give a list of skills though. You must show how they came out of specific activities.

3. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Finally reflect on what you did well and what you could have done better. This is important; even if the activity did not go well or according to plan you can still show that you understand why this was so and how you would do better if you were to do it again

For task 1: some points will help you to complete this task:

1- I organised this event in (Hyde Park) with my friends.

2- The purpose for this event is (entertains).

3- I had a great time with them I really enjoyed. I started this event from 1 o’clock in the afternoon until 6 o’clock in the afternoon as well.

4- Please write a good report in this task (1), also I want you to write a good information about the event that I did.

Task 2 “ Research Question and Plan (150 words)

During the seminar in week 18 you will be given a choice of research topics in the form of a management question. During the rest of this term you will work in groups to carry out research which aims to answer this question.

NB although you are working as a group, all the assignments you submit must be written individually ie Although they may contain similar information they must be written in your own words

For task 2 you must submit answers to the following questions

1. What is the management question you have chosen to investigate and why have you chosen it?

2. Now state clearly and concisely the main research question which will be the basis of your research and any subsidiary questions which you also will need to ask

3. What are your initial plans about how you will research these questions

4. What difficulties do you think you might experience in carrying out this research and reaching a valid conclusion?

Please note that:

– The management question that we have chosen:

Is lecture and seminar absenteeism a problem for Greenwich students?

Task 3 “ Literature review (550 words)

For this task you must find three academic journal articles, which are relevant for the research topic you have identified in task 2. Using your critical reading skills read all your sources and write a summary literature review of approximately 550 words.

Nb Your group may choose the same three articles or different ones, but the analysis must be in your own words

For each article set out your summary as follows

1. Write out the full Harvard reference for the journal article

2. Summarise the key points of the article which are relevant to your research topic

3. Explain why you think the article is valuable in helping you gain a better understanding of your management problem or research topic..


4. Write a brief summary of what you think are the most valuable point from the three articles which will help you plan your research

Task 4 “ Methodology (330 words)

Answer the following questions about the way your group plans to carry out the research. Your answers will need to be fairly brief so use bullet points and lists where appropriate

1. State clearly your research question and briefly describe the context of your research. If you have revised your question following feedback from task 2, state the revised questions

2. Will your research approach be inductive or deductive? Briefly explain what these terms mean and which one you think your research fits.

3. Which research strategy will you use and why? Make sure you understand the three primary research strategies described in the lecture and in the reading and explain why the strategy (or strategies) you will use will be the most appropriate..

4. Explain what data collection method(s) will you use and why you have chosen them.

5. What ethical issues will you need to consider in carrying out this research

Task 5 “ Questionnaire Draft (250 words)

For this task you will develop a questionnaire for your research topic that could be used to collect data to enable you to answer your research questions. As far as possible your questionnaire should be informed by your study of the literature your read for Task 3. Make sure you plan your questions carefully so that they relate to your research questions, but also can be easily understood by the respondents

1. Restate your research questions at the top of your work

2. Write a brief covering letter to the respondents explaining the purpose of the questionnaire etc

3. Set out your questionnaire clearly and professionally

4. You must use a minimum of three of the following types of questions and no more than 12 main questions :

Open response questions – Likert-scale questions – Multiple choice – Verbal frequency scale – Semantic differential scale

Task 6 “ Individual Research Report (420 words)

1. Describe the main features of your questionnaire and how you distributed it

2. Present the graphs or tables which summarise the quantitative data you collected; (if there are too many graphs to present in the time, choose only the most significant)

3. Present your summary of any qualitative data you collected

4. Give your answers to the research questions and your conclusions about the management question.

5. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the group work you were part of. Comment on the mark you were awarded by your tutor and say what you would do differently if you were given this task again

6. Appendix “ Include an example of a completed questionnaire and any graphs or tables not used in the presentations eg data matrix.


For task 1:

– I have already chosen this activity below:
Organise an event for a group of more than 15 people which entertains, helps, or informs

– I organised this event in (Hyde Park) with my friends.

– The purpose from this event (entertains).

– This task is not related to the other tasks you must do it separatly.

For task 2,3,4,5 and 6:

– The management question that we have chosen:

Is lecture and seminar absenteeism a problem for Greenwich students?

– I already uploaded the questionnaire and the methodology and the presentation slides.

– Please use 12 references in this portfolio all references must be from the books and journals.

– In task 3: Literature review you must find three academic journal articles.

– The references must be Harvard style.

– I will submit this portfolio an online and I will check it before I submit it so please avoid the plagiarism.

– Please do your best in this portfolio and complete the six tasks very well.

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