Political Power and Constitutional Law 2

Good Day Writer, I have already started a page and a half for you to utilize please edit it as needed. Within that attachment I have given specific directions on how to write this paper to include research. Here are the short directions: Political trials have proliferated throughout U.S. history. They were particularly prominent in the twentieth century. Using the Belknap reading and class discussions, describe the nature and types of political trials. What makes a trial political as compared to situations where conventional criminal or civil justice considerations prevail? Based on your analysis of political trials, choose One (1) of the following historical periods, and describe how and why particular trials or cases during that period qualify as political trials. Make sure you adequately describe the historical circumstances, and all or at least the vast majority of the political trials, for whichever historical period you choose. And make sure you specifically integrate the appropriate readings (in addition to the cases) into your discussion. Choose from the following historical periods: Emerging Empire: 1910s-1930s

Remember to only use the trial I have attached. Thank You! You may leave out the works cited.

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