Please see the Assignment criteria

Life Chances Exercise (due week 6, Friday 16th March, , by 5pm) 10%
In 750 words (give or take 10%) discuss one of the following two questions:

 How have gender, class (and race/ ethnicity) shaped the life-chances of one of the subjects in
the film Love, lust & lies.
 Take someone you know and compare them with a character from Love, lust and lies focusing
on some of the social forces that have shaped their lives.

This assignment consists of a short paper of 750 words based on the Gillian Armstrong documentary,
Love, lust and lies. It is intended to measure your ability to write a short piece, engage with
sociological concepts, pay particular attention to class and gender, and to make you aware of some of
the key attributes in sociological writing. The purpose of this piece of assessment is also to encourage
you to think and reflect upon the course material and to consider whether using your sociological
imagination changes the way you perceive issues and ideas that you may previously have taken for
In the Life Chances exercise you are not required to use citations or create a reference list or a
bibliography. There is an acceptance that we are all engaged with the one source (the Love, lust and
lies documentary) and all your evidence will come from that one source. We are looking for you to
take a position (i.e. make an argument) and back up your claim with evidence from the documentary.
This requires that you use sound description of the film or parts of the film as a text, a skill you will
also use with other texts, both visual and written, in your essay and exam. It also requires you to go
beyond description to analysis and provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your recognition
that there are different perspectives that can be used to examine issues. Remember when reading a
film or a written text to read for facts or information, but also to read for the argument being
presented, and to read for the evidence presented in support of the argument.
Marking criteria:
 Was the material discussed in a relevant and interesting way?
 Did the answers show understanding of the unit material?
 Does the student develop their own perspective on the issues raised?
 Is the writing clear, succinct, and engaging

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