Plato. (ca. 380 BC).Allegory of the cave. InRepublic. Here is what the paper needs to have:

Must be 400 wordsuse my referencesReferencesAshford University (Producer). (2013).Platos Allegory of the Cave[Video file].Plato. (ca. 380 BC).Allegory of the cave. InRepublic.Here is what the paper needs to have:Describe the movement of the person in Platos Allegory of the Cave. Identify all the stages in this movement and then explain how this allegory relates to your own life. Analyze what Plato is trying to convey about the nature of social reality and the outcomes of that reality for most of us?.Finally, examine Platos idea about the best type of life. How does one reach this best form of existence? Do you think that Platos ideas about the best type of life actually reflect the best type of life? Why or why not?.

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