Plan a week-long menu

Plan a Menu Resource: p. 176 of Introduction to Foodservice
Plan a week-long menu for one of the following:

• Fast Casual
• Fast Food

Form to complete:
Menu Evaluation Form
Cycle _________________ Dates ________________ Evaluator ________________
Place a check mark on days when a problem is noted for any characteristic. Comment on the problem.
Menu Pattern—Nutritional Adequacy
Each meal is consistent with the menu
pattern. All food components specified
met the nutritional needs of the clientele.
Color and Eye Appeal
A variety of colors is used in each meal.
Color combinations do not clash.
Colorless or one-color meals are
avoided. Attractive garnishes are used.
Texture and Consistency
A contrast of soft, creamy, crisp, chewy,
and firm-textured foods is included in
each meal, as much as possible, for
clientele served.
Flavor Combinations
Foods with compatible, varied flavors
are offered. Two or more foods with
strong flavors are avoided in the same
meal. For example, onions, broccoli,
turnips, cabbage, or cauliflower; tomato
juice and tomato-base casserole; and
macaroni and cheese and pineapplecheese
salad, are not served together.
Sizes and Shapes
Pleasing contrasts of food sizes and
shapes appear in each meal. Many
chopped or mixed items are avoided
in the same meal. For example, cubed
meat, diced potatoes, mixed vegetables,
and fruit cocktail are not served together.

• School
• Hospital
• Festival

Indicate if your menu is a selective, semi-selective, nonselective, static, single-use, or cycle menu.
Use the form on p. 176 of the text to evaluate your menu.
Post your paper as an attachment. Sunday, May 6 100

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