Write no more than one typewritten page for the question. Explain your answers clearly. Any figures that you use can be put on an extra page, if needed. Use any available online or print sources to answer question #2.
2) In September 2011 it was reported in the NY Times and other media that the OPERA scientific collaboration at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland had found that elusive particles called neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light, in violation of Einstein’s theory of relativity. More recently, other experiments have claimed that the OPERA results are incorrect and that the neutrinos they looked at are not travelling faster than light.
Explain, using some of the physics and other information that you have learned in this course, the basic principles of how these experiments measure the speed of the neutrinos, Did OPERA make some mistakes, and, if so, what could they have been? What does this controversy tell you about how the scientific method works, i.e., what does it take to convince scientists that a particular law or theory is in fact a correct description of our natural world and universe?

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