Philosophy of Science

For this assignment, imagine that you are writing an article for an important academic journal. The format will need to include a title page, an abstract, the body of your essay and a complete reference list (using Harvard/Chicago referencing or another referencing system used by your Department).

Write on one of the topics listed below. This material has only been introduced in the lectures. To write a complete and well-argued essay, further research is required. Wherever possible, use examples from your own field of scientific research (in my case is mathematics/ portfolio optimisation)

You will be assessed on your understanding of issues relevant to the question you choose, as well as on your ability to set-out and write a competent essay. To do this, develop an argument (with reasons and examples), discuss what the issue or problem is about, indicate some of the difficulties encountered, and suggest some possible resolutions. The available topics are:
What is the problem of induction? How is this a problem for scientists?

Do not forget about dictionaries, encyclopaedias and introductory books as valuable research tools. There is much useful material on the web; however take care and remember that not all of this material is of equal status. Useful starters include &

Competence: In order to score the minimum required 40% for the assignment, you will need to describe clearly and accurately the philosopher or issue that is the focus of the question. You will also need to provide a correct journal paper format including a well written abstract together with referencing and layout consistent with the standards applicable to academic journals. In order to score well (the other 60%), you will need to give a critical evaluation demonstrating that you have a deeper understanding of the central issues relevant to the question you are addressing and that you can apply it to your field of study. Other important criteria include accurate referencing both in the text and in your reference list, grammar and spelling, and your overall presentation

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