Philosophy Essay

Essay Formal Guidelines: Failure to comply WILL result in at least a 1/3 letter grade reduction

– MUST BE 1000 words (as close to three full pages as possible)
– MUST BE 1” margins (Page Layout, Margins, Custom settings)
– MUST BE 12pt Times New Roman font
– MUST BE double spaced lines
– DO NOT include the question or the directions in your essay.

Evaluate the following theory using the TEST formula as part of your evaluation:

A. State the claim to be evaluated
B. Indicate what phenomenon is being explained.
C. Specify at least one alternative theory.
D. Use the criteria of adequacy to access the two theories and to determine which one is more plausible.
E. Write a paragraph detailing the reasons for your choice. Use your background knowledge to fill in any information about the theories and how well they do regarding each criterion.

– TEST Formula –
a. State the THEORY and check for consistency
b. Asses the EVIDENCE for the theory
c. SCRUTINIZE alternative theories (with respect to steps 1 & 2)
d. TEST the theories with the criteria of adequacy

– Criteria for Adequacy –
a. Testability
b. Fruitfulness
c. Scope
d. Simplicity
e. Conservatism

“Scientists studied twenty terminal cancer patients, taking note of the overall mental attitudes of the patients. Some of them were characterized as having negative attitudes; they were often angry at their situations and experienced feelings of hopelessness and regret. But other patients were thought to have positive attitudes; they were generally upbeat, positive about their treatment, and hopeful. Most of those with positive attitudes lived longer than most of those with negative attitudes. A positive attitude can lengthen cancer patients’ lives.”

*- Recommended Structure -*

Paragraph 1: A and B above
Paragraph 2: TEST formula for the given theory
Paragraph 3: C above (come up with you own alternative which is consistent)
Paragraph 4: TEST formula for the new theory
Paragraph 5: D above (compare the two theories on all five points)
Paragraph 6: E above

I am going to attach an additional PowerPoint file that tells more about the essay instruction.
The PowerPoint file has some advice when writing the paper, and an example of an essay (different topic essay).
We use a textbook “The Power of Critical Thinking – Third Edition” written by Lewis Vaughn.
I want you to read ‘Part4’ of the textbook (p341 ~ p388) because it will help you understand what I am learning these days and how to write the paper.

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