Persuasive and edeting

Our university is known by its academic progress, but As a student in Windsor University I have many remarks and ideas that I would like to Propose in order to change my campus to the better there is, decisions that in my opinion has to be taken by the administration of our university
There is a lots of things that the administration should deal with in what concerns the construction of the facilities and the service of the campus, very huge deals that not a very large number of people are paying attention to let us take for example the cafeteria it is a place where the students spend their small free time however it has to be a come and relaxing room for the remaining students but it is the exact opposite ;the service there is very Bad it does not provide the people attending all their needs and Requests .above that all we mustn t forget that the circumstances that the students study in effect their potential of studying and decreases their level of focus on their subjects their reason of been in the university in the first place .
When it comes to the changes that are need to be done when it comes to the cafeteria and I m talking with the Voice of all my classmates when I say that we need a better manage of the place , a better service and nothing more than anything else we need more quite in more mature people to rule or run the cafeteria to control the attitude and behavior of the students because even sometimes the grown-ups could be annoying as much as youngsters , they could be irresponsible and their conduct could became very apathetic .
Most of the time people don t give attention to the effect of their miss attention to the very small details regarding the psychic side of the student s when it is very interesting because if the service or the conditions that are necessary are not available then the student won t be able to give the best of hem and might even lead them to the regression of their studying level.
Finally we all agree that the administration should pay more attention to the environment of the university including its facilities (mentioning the libraries the rooms our last eg : the cafeteria ) knowing the every single detail is attached to the image that is presented by the university and effects also its reputation so for the benefits of everyone we must all work hard to guarantee the good work not only of our university but to also guarantee the good work of the students and make sure of offering them the comfortable circumstances to give all that they have and have a big well success .

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