Personal Statement

A personal statement. Applicants must write a personal/autobiographical statement that should be 2 – 5 pages and covers the following questions:
What are the reasons and experiences that led you to choose social work as a profession? Did you consider other professions, if so why did you prefer social work?
What are your social work career interests? Which client population is of special interest to you?
What are your personal strengths that you can bring to this profession? How have these strengths been demonstrated in the past? What personal attributes might change in order to strengthen your ability to be helpful to others?
What do you feel is your personal mission in social work and where do you see yourself 10 years from now in the field of social work?
What major issues do you think that professional social workers should be concerned with? What is the role of social work in relation to this issue?

(Below you will find a brief personal statement/autobiography of myself so that you can more personalize the essay for me. Please elaborate more on each quesion above especially the last one. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask. The deadline for this essay is January 9, . Thanks Again)

My reasons and experiences that led me to choose social work were becoming a single mother at such a young age and experiencing the hardship of raising a family with limited resources.
As a single mother of three (3) children and the current state of our economy, often times I have been confronted with social crises of my own. At the young age of age 18, I learned to overcome the everyday stresses of having a full-time job, being a full-time student and being a single parent. As a result of my own experiences, I am familiar with the despair and frustration that s prevalent to single parents struggling to survive with little or no help. My particular interest in social work is to assist in improving the life and well-being of our troubled families and children. I am convinced that if we work to improve the different crises within the home, we can make a difference for a more stable economy.

In my present position/occupation my primary role is to assist the agency in ascertaining the needs of the tenants. Our company is Public Housing that caters to the needs of individuals with low or no income.

I am caring, compassionate and attracted to helping those in need. My personal strengths would include my ability to think logically while working under stress, good oral communication, ability to work independently along with extensive knowledge in office procedures. My bachelor s of Science Degree in Social Science has well prepared me for a Master s in Social Work. Within the next ten (10) years I see myself as a Director of a Social Services Agency bringing about change to those that are less fortunate to assure them a fair chance in life.

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